Awesome conversation phrases on your date

The dating game is supposed to be fun and exciting. Going on dates allows a person a chance to meet new people and to have fun in the process. For some people however dating is stressful. When getting to know someone it may hard to find things to talk about. Here are some conversation starters to get things rolling on a date.

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Find out more information
When the other person is talking about something they have accomplished in their life or if they are having trouble at work this phrase is a good way to keep the conversation going. It also gets the person involved in conversations other then small talk. When a person tells another about the problems they are facing a bond starts to form. It also shows that they are interested in the person’s life. in an effort to be caring and helpful the other person can offer a solution to a problem or help brainstorm a possible solution.

Please explain
Everyone has their own opinions. Not everyone is going to agree on things all the time. if two people are on a date and they disagree about a situation there is nothing wrong with asking for reasons why they feel this way. Asking them to please explain is a polite and respectful way to get more information on their point of view. By asking in this manner it will keep the dating going and will prevent a possible argument.

Awesome conversation phrases on your dateThink things in a different manner
After a date is explaining their point of view in order to really impress them a person should say “I never thought of it that way.” Not only does it show they were paying attention to the conversation it shows that a person can be open -minded. It also shows that a person is respectful of another. This does not mean the person has to agree but it is a touch of flattery that will keep a conversation and a date going.

That must have upset you
When a person is telling a story on a date about something that happened to them or how someone close to them have done them wrong it is not a good idea to criticize the person. Insulting someone that was once close or still is close to this person will not go over well on a date. The comment about how it upset the person it a neutral saying. It show compassion without saying too much or getting into trouble.

How did it go
When speaking to someone they want to feel important. A date will feel important if people ask question. It shows they are interested in what the person is saying and they are paying attention. Asking a person how something went can be used in a number of different situation. This comment can be used for a sad even such as a funeral or something excited such as a second job interview. When asking these questions usually a person will add other information and follow up details to keep that will keep the conversation going. When dating someone they like people asking follow up questions to something that they have previously mentioned. Not only with this question helped a person find out information it will show that they are paying attention.

You are a really generous person
Many people are quick to compliment someone on their physical characteristic. Men often tell a women how good she looks or complement on a certain part of her body such as her eyes. While this is nice it does not show that they are interested in them as a person. After a couple of times of hearing the same things it will get old. People want to be known for the type of person they are and not how they look. Desirable qualities in other people include kindness, warmth, and compassion. When dating if a person finds themselves really liking someone let them know. Physical complements can be nice now and then but complements on personality will go along way.

I really admire…
People like to be looked up to and want to be admire for something positive about their personality. When on a date people want to make a good impression. When a date is sharing a story about something positive they have done in their life a complement is needed. A person can start off with “ That (action) takes (describing word), I really admire that.” The blank should be filled in with what the person likes. If a person is sincere about complimenting the other person and showing they are interested they will have many more dates to come.

Using these lines are just some ways to show a date that a person is interested. If they pay attention to each other and listen to what they other person has to say the dating scene will go well and they will enjoy many dates together.

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