Sugar Daddy Dating Tips: Find The Perfect Sugar Daddy

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This is it girls.  You have found a man who fits your Sugar Daddy requirements and you have his attention.  Indeed, you have been on a few dates and you know he is interested in you.  What’s next?  Now you must put all your energies into keeping this man interested and developing this blossoming relationship into the mutually beneficial arrangement you have been searching for.  The early days of your relationship are crucial.  You don’t want to be overbearing and push him away, yet you need to show interest so he knows to pursue this relationship.  It’s a question of striking the perfect balance.  Maintain an air of mystery, but never be rude.  Make it so he has to take the lead, or at least so he feels like he is taking the lead.  Most important of all is that throughout the relationship, but particularly at the beginning, never make any reference to money.  Pretend as though money is the last thing on your mind.  The last thing you want is for him to catch on to your plan.

How to be a Sugar Baby?

or: How to marry a rich man

1. Don’t Call Him

Call your mother.  Call your friends.  Call the lady from the wake-up call service in your city.   But, whatever you do, never call him.  If he doesn’t call you, it means he’s probably not interested in you.  If you call him, he will most likely agree to a date with you simply to humor or distract you, but this is not your goal.  Usually, he will wait a few days before calling.  When he does, try not to sound like you have been waiting right next to the phone.  Better, feign distraction, like he caught you in the middle of something.  Better yet, don’t answer.  Let the call go to voicemail and let him leave a message.  Call back, but after a few hours.  If you’re any good at playing hard-to-get, you might even choose to not return all of his calls.  Instead, return every other one and leave him begging for your attention.

How to be a Sugar Baby? By shopping! Sugar Babies love shopping! Don’t you?

2. Magically Appear
It is possible, albeit unlikely, that he hasn’t returned your call because he lost your number or even his cell phone.  To cover yourself against this possibility, return to the place where you met just in case he is there.  If he is, that will give him the opportunity to ask you out, and if he doesn’t want to do that, then at least you’ll make him feel a twinge of guilt for a moment.  Even if you are still in touch with him, and you have a date planned for the future, think about going to the places he goes and hanging out there too.  Play a game of tennis with a girlfriend at the tennis club; go hit some balls at the driving range.  Grab a café latté at his local Starbucks.  But make sure you’re not stalking him!!!  If you do see him on one of these chance encounters, he will say something like “What are you doing here?” or, “I have never see you here before”.  Be ready with your responses.  Tell him your girlfriend is a member and recommended it or something like that.


Being able to magically appear in the places he might be hanging out is an important part of the planning process.  During your encounters with your Sugar Daddy, ask discreet, and I mean discreet, questions about his friends, places he frequents like the gym or the golf club and these will be the places you might look when searching for the Sugar Daddy.  These places will also become good hunting ground in the future if your current arrangement doesn’t work out the way you plan.  This technique also helps because your actual or potential Sugar Daddy will think you have similar interests.  You can even take it one step further and start eating lunch at the diner round the corner from his office, or even solicit his services.  If he is an accountant, perhaps you can ask him for some tax advice and if he is a financial advisor, perhaps he can help you with some investment advice.  Of course, if you don’t have any money, you will need to be more creative than this, but the general idea is that you are suddenly in his office, looking professionally seductive and you maintain yourself at the top of his mind. Before embarking on these tactics, you should probably rent Fatal Attraction and study Glenn Close’s behavior so you know what not to do!!!

3. Take Control
In all aspects of the relationship, from telephone conversations to dates and encounters, you need to make sure you are in control.  Never let him be the first to say goodbye or the one who ends the telephone conversation.  Let him know you have “something to do”, bid him goodbye and be polite, saying that “it has been a pleasure chatting with you”.  Don’t try to drag the conversation out, rather cut it short, leaving him keen to talk to you again soon.

Sugar Babies always have to stay in shape! Sugar Babies always have to stay in shape!

4. Don’t Get Comfortable
Cast your mind back to my initial advice of always looking your best.  Your Sugar Daddy was initially attracted to you because of your appearance and the time and energy you invest in looking your best.  Now that you have snared him, don’t go back to slouching in your pajamas.  Instead, everyday you should strive to look better than the last.  Also continue to prepare yourself mentally and physically for each encounter with your Daddy, this way you always have something interesting to talk about, you always look your best, and he will not be able to resist seeing you again.

Over time you will show him how simple and low-maintenance you are and he will have the chance to appreciate your inner beauty.  But to get to this stage, you must first enchant him with your charming exterior.


5. Fulfill His Needs, both Physical and Mental
The Sugar Daddy has chosen to be in this relationship for a variety of reasons.  He is most likely looking for an escape from his regular life, a break from the repetitive humdrum of going to work and returning to his family where he is not appreciated for everything he does.  Chances are his wife hasn’t shown him any real affection or romance in years and quite frankly, he is bored.  He might not be married, which is the ideal (albeit unlikely) situation for you, in which case he is looking for excitement and he wants a beautiful woman to accompany him to social events and charity galas.

keep your SugarDaddy sexually attracted to you! keep your SugarDaddy sexually attracted to you!

No matter his situation at home, you must fulfill his needs.  Make sure you are always a joy to spend time with and then, he will always want to be with you, regardless of his “other life”.  Even if you have had a bad day and need to talk about it with someone, don’t weigh your Sugar Daddy down with your problems.  Save them for coffee with a friend in the morning.  By the time you have spent a few dates with him, you should have an idea of whether he is looking for a sexual arrangement with you.  If he does want to make this an intimate relationship, you must be prepared to go along with that.  If you are looking for a non-sexual arrangement, this is the time to get out.  In the bedroom, you should be a very selfless lover, always pleasing your Sugar Daddy before he pleases you.  With time, you might find that he is a “giver” in bed and chooses rather to spend hours pleasing you, but in the beginning, make it clear that you are in this relationship to please him in every way you can.

Be aware that some men get into these arrangements because, while they have an active sex life with their wives, they are looking for something more than their wife will give them.  Nowadays, with so much pornography on the internet, men see videos of women doing things their wives would never dream of, much less actually be willing to perform.  You might get some very unusual requests from your Sugar Daddy.  Remember at all times that you should never feel pressure to do something you don’t want to do.  Sure, it might be a deal-breaker and you may never see the man again, but never do something that you find degrading as a woman.  If he wants this thing so bad, he will find someone willing to do it for him, but depending on how grotesque or strange the request, it may well be something that only a prostitute would be willing to perform.

As far as his mental needs are concerned, you should try and stimulate his mind with your conversation and wit.   This comes back to preparing yourself for each and every encounter with him, keeping up-to-date with current affairs, local news and important happenings within your community.  Make sure you watch the international and local news every day. Once you make it part of your daily routine you will find it more and more enjoyable and it will help you be prepared for any kind of conversation that comes up while you are with your new man.  Also pay attention to the local news, especially anything that might affect him, his pastimes or his business.

As you go learning about his interests, including the sports he follows, the kind of movie he likes to watch and the television shows he enjoys, you should take an interest in the same things, and keep track of them.  These are perfect conversations that he will love talking about and this will continue to make him think that you are a well-suited couple with many common interests.

What’s next?