Find Your Inner Sexy and Land the Perfect Partner in 2013

So, you think 2013 is going to be the year that you find love? We think it will be too, but there are a few important things you can do to increase your chances of getting lucky with love and they all revolve around the idea of getting sexy. Yes, “get sexy”. “Sexy”, as described, doesn’t only have something to do with your personal looks. In fact, “sexy” is a state of mind, and an air of confidence that can help attract potential life partners from miles away.

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Work up a Sweat, You Sexy Thing!

Working out releases endorphins, a feel good hormone that can leave you feeling re-energized even after a crazy day at the office. It is suggest that you try and squeeze in 30-minutes of a sweat inducing workout before a date. The endorphins will make you feel like a new person and will even leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in your physique. Getting in a great workout is the perfect way to get sexy before a date in 2013. Give it a try, we sure it will make you feel ready to take on the world.

Don’t be Afraid to Touch

Physical intimacy is important for a romantic relationship, we all know that, but physical touch has other side effects that not everyone is aware of. If you happen to be thinking about a bad day at work, or fuming over a fight with a friend, try getting your partner to touch you. Even hand holding can help you distress and refocus your energy on what is important that evening; your date. Once you are feeling stress-free your inner sex goddess will be more apt to come out and play for an evening. If you are super stressed out try prompting your guy to give you a shoulder massage. The sensual touch of your partner should instantly relax you and get your primed for a fun night together, whatever you happen to end up doing.

Find Your Inner Sexy and Land the Perfect Partner in 2013Strut your Stuff

Sassy, according to most people, is sexy, but not all women know how to be sassy without looking like they are trying to hard. However, getting yourself in the right mood to be sassy, can make all the difference in the world. Before a big date try turning on some empowering tunes and getting your dance on while you get ready for the big event. Do a little salsa while your brushing your teeth, or bust out your best solo mambo in your underpants. Getting down with some dance moves prior to a date can help get you in a sexy and sassy frame of mind. If you put yourself on display, even if no one is watching, you’ll feel cool, confident and sexy the whole night through. We know, it sounds crazy, but give it a try. This sassy secret really works.

It’s In the Way You Feel

If you just can’t get into that sexy mode before a date and you can’t figure out why try slipping into something a little bit more comfortable. Silk, Suede and Satin all feel luxurious against the skin and the fabrics are generally considered sensual. Slip on a silk shirt and see if that helps you feel a bit more into the whole date idea. The added bonus to this trick is that your date won’t be able to resist feeling the material. Satin and suede also tend to have the same affect. The feeling of the fabric against your skin should burst the blues relatively quickly and you can head out for a fun night with your lover.

Write It Out!

There are nights in a relationship that we simply don’t want to forget. Maybe you shared a long, passionate kiss with your lover in the rain, or you woke up in his thick arms for the first time. These moments are special and we want to remember them forever, but few people manage to do that. As a sexy exercise try writing down how you felt during important, sensual moments in your relationship. This is a great way to get in-touch with what turns you on, and it these little notes can be used, down the line, to kick start your libido when you are feeling a bit blue. The notes needn’t be long or professionally written. Just jot down how you felt and why you felt that way. Reading over these moments at a later date with your lover is also a great way to get closer!

The Bottom Line

So, 2013 is going to be the year you fall in love with someone great, perhaps you are already in an amazing relationship, but just need to kick things up a bit. Either way, these tips are great ways to fuel a great love life in 2013. Feeling sexy and being sexy are two different things, but they are strangely intertwined in a masterful dance. If you feel sexy you will be sexy, and you’’ll attract the love of your dreams simply by being confident and looking fabulous. Now, get out there, get your sexy on, and find your happy ending!

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