How to master your first phone call with a date

Making the dreaded phone call to a potential date can be nerve racking for a lot of people. Although dating should be fun a good percentage of people may experience anxiety and worry about the outcome and the call itself. We always want to make a good impression with a potential date and here are some things that you can do when anticipating and making that crucial phone call.

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1 Relax.
The first thing to do is take a deep breathe and relax. If you’re not worried at all great, but if you’re like the majority of us, you probably have some angst about making the call. The most important thing is perhaps the most simple. You should get yourself in a relaxed mood and a mindset that you want to enjoy this interaction. That is really the purpose of this interaction in the first place, and that is to enjoy your experience with a potential date. There’s no need to be worried or up tight because in the scheme of things you really have nothing to lose. If the girl or guy doesn’t end up liking you or wanting to pursue anything further you haven’t lost anything. You’ve gained experience in dating and had a nice encounter with a member of the opposite sex. Something that goes overlooked a lot of time, is the idea of rejection isn’t a bad thing. We all may have this in the back of our minds when approaching a potential date rejection gives you more then you may think. Dating is a learning process and every time we are turned away it gives us more insight and understanding to the opposite sex. It allows us adjust how we approach a potential suitor and weeds out people who we may like on the outside but are not truly compatible with.

How to master your first phone call2. Be Respectful.
Remember when you make the initial call to always be respectful and polite but take a definite stance on why you are making the call. Don’t beat around the bush and try to make small talk about things for very long. It’s important to let him or her know that you are calling to invite her on a date and not confuse them as to why you are calling. If you are more comfortable you can talk about something you may both have in common or something interesting that you have just heard, and then transfer for the real reason of your call. This may often times make the person more comfortable with the call and more receptive to your invitation of setting up a date for the future.

3. Be Straight Forward.
As with relaxing and being straightforward with your phone call to a potential date, it can also be crucial when you actually make the call in the first place. During the week it’s typically best to make a call around lunchtime or even better in the evening after most people would have eaten dinner. These time frames will give you a better chance of reaching that person when they are not busy doing another task. Hitting these times is best if you hope to have a more relaxed enjoyable conversation with that person.

4. Listen.
A lot of times we like to talk about ourselves and be more focused on telling others information about what we have going in our lives at the time. It’s important to ask questions and really listen to the other person. It’s never a bad idea to let someone talk about him or herself and really listen to someone for a change. A lot of people really like this quality in a person and it may get you further in a potential suitor based on the fact they feel confident that you’re interested in their real thoughts and feelings.

While you’re making this initial call, as with most conversations, we may tend to wander in the conversation and get off the intended path for the call. It is okay to talk about random topics but always remember that you are making this call for a reason. You want to attain a date with this individual and it is crucial that you make it known your intentions for the call and to ask the person if they’d like to go on a date with you in the future. People generally like it when they feel like they can trust you and if you’re direct about why you are making the call then they won’t feel like you’re beating around the bush and trying to be sneaky about getting them on a date.

5: Have a backup plan.
Another problem that people typically encounter is running out of things to say in a conversation. Now although the ultimate goal is to feel a sense of being able to talk about anything to a person, this rarely occurs when getting to know someone. It is for this reason that it’s a good idea to have a list in your head of potential things you can talk about if the conversation takes a lull. Think about a handful of topics that you may already have in common with that person and practice things that you can bring up in a smooth manner. This will relieve some of your anxiety because if the conversation goes dead you know you always have an ace in the hole that you can pull out at any time. It’s always a better idea to be more prepared then less prepared and this will improve your confidence in general.

6. Enjoy yourself.
In the end, the most important thing is to remember that this should be a fun phone call. Interacting with another person in an intimate way should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t be something that makes you uncomfortable and something that you try to avoid. Instead take a deep breathe, relax, and go into the interaction to have a good time. Eventually, if not at first, you will truly star enjoying these conversations and it won’t be something that makes you nervous. Maintain your intentions of the call and have a good time. Do this and you will have more dates in the future, but most of all you will enjoy it!

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