Need Money? Date a rich Sugar Daddy!

The title pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? If you need money or are even looking for a little financial help with added perks, then dating a sugar daddy just may be an option worth considering. Besides, most girls at one point have thought to themselves, “I want money. Wish I had a sugar daddy.” Time to stop wishing and start finding!

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Easy Money

While in most cases there is no such thing as easy money, being in a sugar daddy relationship is the exception to the rule. Forget about what you think you know about sugar daddies and consider this: Dating a man with money doesn’t have to be any different than dating any other guy except that a sugar daddy is wealthy and generally more appreciative of your time. And who doesn’t want to be appreciated by the man they’re seeing, right?

There is a huge misconception about the whole sugar daddy dating in that people think that it’s somehow like prostitution. This is so wrong! Setting your sites on successful and wealthy men is no different than having a preference for blond, blue-eyed guys. Yes, some women may approach it as an arrangement more than a relationship, but this doesn’t have to apply to you if you don’t want it to. You can simply make the effort to meet men with money. How serious you want to get with these men is up to you and the man in question. There are no rules set in stone; even if you want to date a man who can help you pay for college tuition, give you financial help, or just show you he cares with decadent gifts and outings.

It isn’t all About “I want I want”

Dating a sugar daddy isn’t just about the fact that you need money or want your tuition and fees paid. Just like with any other relationship, it’s a two-way street.  A man entering into a sugar daddy relationship won’t be surprised to hear you say “I want money” in your dating profile, but there needs to be more to you than just a longing for financial help. Just like you wouldn’t want to feel used for your affection or sex; sugar daddies don’t want to be treated like the only thing you want from them is money. You should be with someone who you enjoy spending time with and understand the importance of making him feel appreciated just as he makes you feel when he’s generous with his money. You should be willing to compromise because it can’t be all about “I want I want”, it has to be mutually gratifying for it to work.

The Joys of Being Honest About What You Want

One of the most liberating things about dating a sugar daddy is being able to be completely honest about what you want. While I wouldn’t recommend all-out saying “I want money” when you’re speaking to a potential sugar daddy, you can be honest with him…with a little bit of tact, of course.

Sugar daddies understand that this sort of relationship isn’t your run-of-the-mill courtship. They get that their generosity is a big part of what he will share with the woman he dates so there is no reason to beat around the bush or feel ashamed to share with him what you’re looking for from the relationship. Are you considering a sugar daddy to provide financial aid for bills or even to help you get a business off the ground? What about college tuition? Maybe you just want the freedom that money can provide? Whatever the reason, you can openly share it with a sugar daddy without fear of judgement—something that can’t be said when you’re in a regular relationship and certainly not when you’re dating a guy whose financial situation is worse than yours!

Though being honest about what you expect from your sugar daddy is important, I need to stress again that there are ways to word things so that you don’t come across as looking like anything less than wonderful. Here are a few pointers:

Instead of saying “I want money”, say “Ideally, I would like financial help so that I can…”

Instead of saying “Give me money”, say “Money is always nice”.

Avoid saying “I need money” so that you don’t come across looking desperate. You don’t want your sugar daddy’s pity—so NOT sexy!

As mentioned, “I want I want” is never the way to go as it makes you look like a spoiled brat or a gold digger. Be honest with a little couth and remember that it’s about both of your wants.

Playing It Smart

Having a sugar daddy can open you up to a world of possibilities that you can only imagine. Not only can you enjoy the company and maybe even the love of a successful man but you can also enjoy experiences and luxuries that you had only ever dreamed of. As easy as it can be to get caught up in the glamour of it all, you need to play it smart and keep your goals and priorities in check. If paying for your college tuition and fees is your motivation for becoming a sugar baby then remember that when your sugar daddy does start offering you monetary gifts. As tempting as it can be to splurge on all kinds of things; paying your college tuition should come first. If financial aid to help you start your own business is what you’re after, then put any financial help he gives you into a business account and get working on your business. Don’t waste the opportunities that your sugar daddy sends your way! This is your chance to make your life better so be smart about it.


Dating a sugar daddy can expose you to endless possibilities and help you achieve the things that dreams are made of. Be honest with yourself and him about what you want and enjoy every second of the experience.

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