Plan Your Date Based On Personality

When two people meet for the first time, they begin talking to learn more about each other. People judge the people they meet by the way they dress and by the way, they act. Some people are comedians, some very serious, some down to earth, and some just plain boring. When two people meet, they can immediately judge if there is a click or not. The click means you want to get to know the person better or you just plain wish someone would call you away on an emergency. The ones that click will sit and talk for a long time and the other, well, they will finish their drinks and go their separate ways with an “I’ll call you.”

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People have different personalities and different hobbies, which can lead to the perfect date. Let us discuss some of these different personalities and see what we can figure out.

Nature and Outdoors Personalities:

Nature people like to do things in nature. Some people like things such as horseback riding or motorcycle riding. A perfect date would start by meeting at a stable. One good date would be to take a person for a horseback ride and then settle down by a stream having a picnic or a glass of wine. These dates allow people to relax, let go some of the anxiety of meeting a new person and then allow yourselves to get a little romance going. Horseback riding is fun and can lead to laughter and a light date as opposed to something that is heavy and very serious. Yes, there is a time for serious but it is in its own time. Planning this date is simple. Arrange for the horses to ride, the bottle of wine, the blanket to sit on and maybe even map out where you want to ride before the date.

A motorcycle ride can be very exciting. There is time to cuddle when the woman is holding on to the man on the back of the bike. The wind in your hair and the road in front of you can be a mystery to you both. Where are you going, what is going to happen next? Riding the countryside is light and fun and leads to laughter and happiness. This date does not take much planning. Make sure to have a helmet for your date and make sure that your date has a coat if it is cool out.

A great date for a person that is funny and likes to joke around would be to take them to a carnival or a comedy show. The carnival is fun, yes, but it also gives times for sitting close to each other and times for laughter. Planning this date is easy. First, make sure that your date enjoys things such as carnivals before you purchase tickets. Make sure your date is willing to enjoy the carnival before planning this date.

Romantic or Serious Dates:

Plan Your Date Based On PersonalityPeople that are born romantics might take their date to a romantic restaurant with candle light and soft music. Planning this date, the man, or woman should reserve a table in a quiet area of the room. One close to a fireplace is nice. Have a nice bottle of wine chilling and start the dinner off with some appetizers. Start the date by picking up the person with one single rose. Opening doors to cars and making sure to comment on how good the date looks is a good start. Never make eye contact with other men or women while on the date. Focus all of your attention on your date. Allow your date to talk about whatever they want to talk about. Keep the conversation light. Pour them a glass of wine and comment on how good they look. After dinner, a nice walk is always good. End the night with a good night kiss and a promise of another date, if there was a click between the two of you.

Dances and Parties:

Some people prefer to take their dates to places where other people are going to be. Going to a party or club can be a risky adventure. A risky adventure because at a party or club, the date may meet someone they find more attractive or more interesting than you may. If you are getting serious with the person you are dating, it is time to put them to the test. A person that is more attentive to people other than their date will show their true colors at a dance or party.

The best way to plan a date is to first talk to your date. Ask question about likes and dislikes. Make plans according to their taste. If the person likes riding horses, why bother taking them to a museum? If they are the type that is happier at the museum than being at a carnival, why take them to a carnival? To take them out of their comfort zone is a good opportunity for a failed date. People tend to do better when they are comfortable where they are. Never make the whole date revolve around their interest and not yours. If you do this, you will be bored or feel out of place. When you or your date begins to feel out of place on a date, the date usually ends in disaster.

Knowing your date before you plan a date is a good thing. Maybe start planning a date after you discuss likes and dislikes with the person. Each person has his or her own personality. If one person is outgoing, then they probably want to be around people. If they are shy, a quiet evening could be a make or break for you.

Dating can be difficult but worth it when you find that right person. It is not necessary to have everything in common with your date, but it is important that you are enjoying yourself just as your date is. If not, you will wish you never met the person, make promises to call again when you are never going to call. You could miss out on Mr. or Ms. right.

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