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Sugar Daddy Site “Sugar Daddie” is definitely a no fuss no muss site which I personally really like. It’s aesthetically pleasing enough to not make you feel like you’re on some budget dating site but not so overdone that it makes navigation complicated or takes away from the main goal of the site, which is to help you find a sugar daddy. The site is elegant but not flashy and super easy to use. Registration was also a breeze with only a few short questions to answer in order to go ahead with the registration process and once registered you’re privy to the membership prices, member profiles, and even dating advice geared to sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships. And, there’s only the option to be a free standard member or to upgrade to a premium membership which is awesome since you don’t have to sift through different types of memberships and prices in order to have full access to the site’s features.

Sugar Daddy Dating Profiles:

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What impressed me the most about is that they seem to take their profile screening and approval process very seriously. They take time to review profiles and seem to be diligent about filtering the bad profiles out so that you get less spam and fake profiles than on a lot of the other sugar daddy dating websites. It’s nice to know they got your back and are doing their part to keep the creeps out! I also like that they don’t offer the little extras like flirts and instant messaging. I get that this may be considered a con by some people but when you know what you want it’s nice to be on a site that helps you stay focused and get to it rather than bombarding you with diversions along the way. I personally am not a fan of the flirts or winks back and forth or the endless chatting when you could instead share a detailed email or two and make arrangements to meet the men that seem to want what you want. I guess I like it short, sweet, and to the point!

Finally, I am pleased to say that their very professional and simple approach goes across the board to their prices too. Like I mentioned earlier; there are only 2 options as far as types of memberships go and the prices are pretty low compared to other dating sites catering to the wealthy. They don’t automatically bill you without specifically being told to do so which is a major plus given the horror stories I read in reviews of other sites which makes me feel a lot more secure about giving them my financial deets. All in all is one of my favorite sites of its kind and I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and classy experience. They really know their target market and cater to it beautifully. I can’t fault them at all and can see why they’re as popular in the niche as they are. I definitely give them two perfectly manicure thumbs up!

Our Rating of Sugar Daddie:

Quality of Members: 4
Quantity of Members: 4.5
Site Design: 4
Navigation of Site: 5
Registration Process: 5
Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

Pricing Options at Sugar Daddie:

1 month; $21.99
3 months: $44.97
6 months: $77.94
1 year: $107.88

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