Sugar Daddy Story: Suzanne, 28, Seattle

Mine isn’t just a story about being a sugar baby but also about how I got to be a successful sugar baby. The road wasn’t quite as easy for me as some of the others that I’ve read here, but it’s definitely been worth it. I don’t have any scary horrors to share about the sugar daddies I’ve dated or anything. It was actually me that was the problem at first. I don’t know if it was because I was so young (twenty-two) or what, but in the beginning I was really bad at asking for what I wanted from my sugar daddy. Don’t get me wrong—they didn’t take advantage of that or anything, but how were they supposed to give me what I wanted if I couldn’t tell them?
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I decided I wanted to date a rich man while I was in college. I wasn’t really into any of the guys I was meeting at school and trying to work a part time job while working my butt off to become a veterinarian didn’t make meeting guys any easier. I knew I wanted a man that could make things a little easier for me, but that was where my mind just drew a blank! I didn’t know how much would be okay to ask for or what kinds of things I could expect. Too bad this site wasn’t around back then because I sure could’ve used some pointers!! Anyway, I used an online dating site that wasn’t really a sugar daddy dating site, but started getting in touch with some of the men who made it pretty clear that they wanted a girl to spoil. My first sugar daddy was in his mid-forties and good looking. (I actually only used to contact the really good looking ones back then!) He was a part owner a successful charter airline and used to travel a lot. He was very clear that he wasn’t looking for anything too serious and that he was a busy guy. I remember being a little put off by his bluntness at first, almost like I felt he was somehow shooting me down, but I grew to understand that the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship is pretty much like this unless you specifically look for a rich man to marry. I knew I wasn’t ready for that so it didn’t really take long for me to get over it. Anyway, we went on a few dates, one of which was dinner in New York for a work thing he had to go to. It was all very “Pretty Woman” the way he took me shopping for expensive clothing to wear while we were there for the night. He wanted me to look the part and all I had was a couple of cute sundresses and jeans! I didn’t see the total he spent but I know it was in the thousands. I can actually credit him for showing me the importance of buying beautiful things and looking my best at all times. He was really generous in that way, but I could never bring myself to explaining that I also wanted money to use for my tuition and just living.

The next few sugar daddies were like that too; generous and always spoiling me with trips, clothes, and jewelry. I still wanted money but just didn’t ask! It was in my second year of doing this that I finally got the balls to start asking for what I needed. I remember being online with one man in his fifties who was just so handsome and fun to chat with and struggling with whether or not a man that age was just too old for me. That’s when it clicked: He’s a sugar daddy who was on a sugar daddy site which meant that finding a girl to take care of financially was something he knew he was getting into when he decided to join such a site instead of just happening to be a wealthy guy dating in general. So when we met and hit it off, I told him all about what I was trying to accomplish in school and beyond and how he could help. That was the start of many beautiful relationships!! I’ve since had several other sugar daddies that have collectively paid off all of my tuition, including grad school and left me with enough savings and amazing business contacts to help me get my own practice started soon. It would probably be a little tacky for me to give you specifics, but I can tell you that if I didn’t want to work for the next 5 years, I probably have enough saved up to be able to do that.

I would say that I am a very successful sugar baby seeing as how I’ve learned so much over the years. I now know how to ask for what I want, not just as far as money but in relationships and in the bedroom too. I’ve grown into a woman who doesn’t just want a bunch of stuff but rather someone who really appreciates the finer things and also someone who doesn’t take her opportunities for granted. Sure, I treat myself to expensive clothes and can regularly be found at the spa, but I also have animal charities that are dear to me that I managed to help out with money and my time thanks to the extra (time and money) that being a sugar baby has allowed me. I have a life I am very happy with and my goals have all been pretty much realized so I can make room for new ones. I’ve also met a lot of very successful men who have given me some great advice as far as becoming successful and helped me a lot along the way. I even managed to pick up French thanks to a CEO from Montreal who I dated for almost a year while he was down working out of his Seattle office for a while!

Being a successful sugar baby takes knowing what you want and not being afraid to ask for it. It took me a while but I’ve mastered it perfectly. I hope you reading this get something from my experience so that you can start asking for and getting what you want.

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