The Facts on Flirting

Both man and woman have a tendency to flirt with members of the opposite sex. Flirting can be described in a dictionary as playful banter or the act of alluring the opposite sex into feeling attraction for you. Everyone flirts; it’s a fact of life. In early childhood, flirting is seen as a little boy teasing a young girl to get her attention. In adolescence, teens usually send body signals to members of the opposing gender; an example of this would be a teen girl flipping her hair in front of a boy, or a boy flexing his muscles in front of a group of giggly girls. Some people say flirting is easy; others say that it is a well-balanced art. Whatever your views on flirting, you will surely benefit from reading some of the fascinating flirting facts in this article.

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Here are the facts we have complied on flirting…

It’s healthy for you: In order to be healthy, we must eat correctly, get enough physical exercise and flirt. That’s right, you heard correctly: flirting is actually good for our health. There have been a lot of studies conducted that say that flirting actually helps stimulate the reproduction of white blood cells, the cells that strengthen our immunity. So in order to better your health, you should flirt, flirt and flirt some more.

Body Language: Scientists who study the human behavior have noted that while flirting, both men and women show certain body language. In fact, there are over 52 behaviors and gestures used to signal flirting. For example: when someone is trying to flirt or attract the opposite sex’s attention, they usually start batting their eyes, crossing their legs, play with their hair, smile and so forth. What’s the most popular flirting signal? The answer is the hair flipping technique.

Crazy Laws: As weird and crazy as it may seem, there are some places in the United States where flirting is illegal. For example, if you start engaging in playful banter in Little Rock, Arizona, you can get arrested and sent to jail for thirty days; you would also be fined. In New York City, there is an outrageous and antiquated law that prohibits men to look at women with flirty glances, and if they are caught in the act, a $25 dollar fine is given. Even more outrageous is what would happen if the same man gets caught the second time: he would be forced to wear blinders outside.

The Facts on FlirtingFlirt filled commutes: Did you know that the majority of flirting occurs during the morning commute to work, not during the weekend like some would think? Well, it’s true, a lot of people flirt while heading to work in the morning; in fact, research says that 31 percent of morning commute flirting results in marriage or a serious, long-term relationship. Some places where people commonly flirt include: while driving to work, while riding the bus, while waiting for coffee at the coffee shop, while at the subway, while walking to work and so on.

You don’t have to see the person to flirt: Did you know that know-a-days you don’t have to actually see someone to flirt with them? The majority of people choose to flirt via email or IM because they claim that some of the pressure melts off when there is no face-to-face contact; in fact, 40 percent of people say flirting doesn’t have to be face-to-face. Who knew?

Cell phones are a useful tool: Cell phones are not only used as a form of communication, but rather, they are commonly used as a super flirting tool. There was a survey conducted on cell phone users, and the results came back saying that half the messages sent on a person’s phone were used to flirt.

Flirting blunders: One of the most common mistakes when it comes to flirting has to do with eye contact. If you’re not giving enough eye contact, you will seem disinterested; using way too much eye contact can make you seem bonkers. Remember: it’s all about balance.

Men, not every woman is trying to flirt with you: Men are cocky by nature, and they automatically assume that when a woman is being friendly, she is trying to flirt with them. But, let me assure you that it isn’t always the case; women can be friendly without trying to flirt.

Fans are the ancient cell phone: Did you know that fans were used as a way to communicate emotion, not as a convenient cooling device? Well, they were. In the Victorian era, women used fans as a flirting device; a simple movement with the fan would indicate an emotion. For example, if a woman would place the fan over her chest, it means: I like you, you have won me over. If she would place it over her lips, it would mean: I am allowing you to kiss me. And if she hides her peepers behind the fan, she would mean: I love you. However, if she would open and close the fan relentlessly, she would say: I loathe you.

Flirting is a global thing: Every culture is different; however, the only thing that makes people the same is that they flirt in the same in every part of the world; even if the people seem totally different from each other. For example, a woman who lives in California uses the same flirting gestures as a woman who lives in France. These gestures include: smiling, hair flipping, batting eyelashes, coy glances and so forth.

Animals flirt, too: Animals, just like humans, flirt to grab the attention of the opposing gender. Take a peacock’s colorful tail or the blue whales mating calls as an example. So if a monkey can flirt, you can certainly do it, too.

Flirting has always been around, and it will continue to be around as long as humans try to attract attention of the opposing gender. This article had some of the facts of flirting, and I hope that it was able to help you understand the science behind flirting.

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