What Every Sugar Daddy Wants In a Sugar Baby

It’s not fair to say that all sugar daddies are the same and that they’re all looking for the same thing. Some sugar daddies are looking for arm candy or even a trophy bride while others are looking for a woman who will give them the sex and affection they crave. There are, however, some things that ALL sugar daddies want in a sugar baby.

If you’re planning to start dating a sugar daddy or even find yourself yet another sugar daddy, then it’ll help you to know what all sugar daddies want from sugar babies. Keeping these things in mind will spare you both a lot of trouble and help you to get and keep your sugar daddy for as long as you want him;

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Discretion is something that every sugar daddy wants and expects from any sugar baby he dates. Being able to be discreet about the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, and whys of your arrangement is absolutely crucial whether a sugar daddy is married or not. It’s not your place to talk about him or his business or even his business with you, so just don’t do it. I know it may be hard when you get all swept up in the decadence and glamour of it all or have the best sex you’ve ever imagined, but you need to keep these things to yourself or at the very least leave names and any specifics out of the dirt you dish even to your closest friends.


Convenience is another thing that all sugar daddies want when it comes to their relationship with a sugar baby. If you expect this man to be generous with his money then you need to be generous with the most important thing that you have to offer a sugar daddy— your time. Sugar daddies are busy with work and/or personal commitments. Finding a sugar baby means that he gets to spend his time with a beautiful woman when he wants to. That’s what he wants and that’s essentially what he is paying for, so make it as easy as possible for potential sugar daddies to get what they want so you get what you want. Being able to offer flexibility is golden in the world of sugar daddy dating.

Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is something else that all sugar daddies want from sugar babies. This doesn’t by any stretch mean that you have to look like a supermodel to get a sugar daddy but you do have game. By this I mean the ability to ooze sex appeal by coming across as confident, sexy, and open. Sugar daddies want a woman that makes them weak in the knees and able to forget about anyone and anything else during the time that they spend together. This means understanding the art of flirtation, being aware of how to use your body and your eyes to get his heart racing, and knowing how to show off your best features. Even if you’re not the most self-assure woman, you can fake it and get away with it because a potential sugar daddy doesn’t know you from Adam! Act as if you’re desirable and sexy and see how quickly you can reel him in. Wear high heels and sexy lingerie and anything else you need to in order to look and feel your absolute best, and don’t be afraid to use your womanly wiles to get what you want. After all, you’re just giving him what he wants, right?

To Feel Like a Million Bucks

Even if he has a million bucks, having a beautiful woman make him feel like the greatest thing since sliced bread is something that all every sugar daddy wants from the woman he makes his sugar baby. This means focusing all of your attention on him when you’re together and not looking bored or distracted even when he’s talking about his work in the financial sector for the hundredth time! Show him how much you enjoy and appreciate him and his company and give in to his whims whenever you can. Your sugar daddy could have a wife at home that nags him and makes him feel unloved or unattractive. He may have stressful workdays that wear him down. Your job as a sugar baby is to make him forget all about that and do what you can to show him a great time and make him feel special. And yes, I’m talking about doing this in and out of the bedroom. It’s a small price to pay for all of the things you’ll get in return. And the better you master this, the more you’ll get!

Remembering that all sugar daddies want these things will make you a lot more successful as a sugar baby. Being pretty may help lure in a sugar daddy, but it won’t be enough to help you catch him and keep him where you want him.  Take this advice to heart and you’ll master the art of sugar daddy dating in no time!

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