What Men Find Sexy about women

Men become attracted to women for many different reasons. Many women believe that to be attractive only means to show off their best physical attributes. Getting a man’s attention is easy it is keeping him interested that the hard part. It takes much more than a fabulous outfit and a new hairdo to get a man to commit. Relationships require a physical connection and an emotion one as well as a physical one. For both sexes meeting, each other’s needs starts first with communication, respect and consideration. Women must first demonstrate their emotional strengths to win over a man’s admiration and heart.

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One of the most attractive traits a woman can have is confidence. A women who has confidence is sure of herself, believes that she is beautiful, strong, worthy of love and admiration. The first step in becoming a confident woman is self-love. A person must love themself before they can love anyone else. A woman who loves herself radiates with an inner glow and men instinctively notice. A confident woman will always be more attractive than the damsel in distress. Men do not want to save the princess anymore they want to date the princess who freed herself.

Sense of adventure:
Adventurous women attract men by mixing adrenaline with fun. An adventurous woman is exciting, tries new things, and is full of positive surprises. The first step in becoming adventurous is to have courage and believe in yourself. A women can attempt this by stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new or different. An adventurous woman has exciting stories to tell and lives a fascinating life. Men find adventurous women enthralling and captivating. An adventurous woman will always be attractive to men because she gets a man’s adrenaline pumping in more ways than one.

What Men Find Sexy about womenSense of humor:
Woman with a sense of humor is attractive and unforgettable. A woman with a sense of humor is funny, likes to laugh, and she can take a joke. All humorous women do not have to be professional comedians; they just take joy in expressing their playful and funny side. Tickle a man’s heart strings with a joke, funny sarcasm, and playful banter, and he will feel like your old friends. Playful jokes and gestures can make men feel comfortable and relaxed while inviting them show off their lighthearted side in return. A women who can make a man giggle, or chuckle is attractive to men because most men do not expect the women to break the ice.

Intelligent women intrigue men. A woman, who is intelligent uses reason, is a brilliant conversationalist and is mentally stimulating. Women do not have to be geniuses to be mentally stimulating. Sparking a thought provoking conversation is easy and all it takes is a little knowledge on a subject. Discussing something that is full of culture and entertaining will show him the women he is with is captivating and educated. Men find intelligent women attractive for many reasons intelligent women inspire new ideas, creativity, and experiences. When men are around an intelligent woman they tend to want to challenge themselves mentally if only just to impress her.

Independent women are strong and attractive. An independent woman has self-love, respect, is not needy, and she has a life of her own. To be an independent woman requires the ability to do your own thing every now and then. By going out for a girl’s night out, not over texting, or deciding not to tag along to guy only events, this creates an independent woman. Men find independent women attractive because they tend to be ambitious, motivated, and strong. Being independent lets a man know that his companionship’s wanted not needed in the women’s life.

A modest woman is attractive and easy to, please a modest women will not always wear makeup, she does not take three hours to get ready, can go outside in ordinary t-shirt and jeans, and lets a man make decisions every once in a while. Men like to feel in control of the relationship. While this may not be totally true, it is necessary to act like a modest woman and just be agreeable. Let him pick the restaurant, or movie, and make him feel that he made an excellent decision. Men love modest women because they are easy to, please understanding, and appreciative. Modest women adhere to a man’s ego and let him know that he is more than enough man for her.

Be nice:
Kind women are attractive and thoughtful. A kind woman is respectful, polite, and courteous. She is not quick to anger but instead quick to solutions. Many men will judge a woman on how she treats others. Being kind to people may score help to earn some extra brownie points while on a date. Men like women who have strong communication skills, and are personable. Displaying courteous manners, saying, please and thank-you are all ways to show your kinder gentler side. Kind women attract men because they know how to treat people, are soft spoken and have consideration for other people’s feelings. A woman that is kind gains a man’s admiration instantly for her pleasant demeanor towards others.

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