What Someone’s Favorite Color Really Means

The field of psychology has invested a lot of time in analyzing colors and their significance to people. As a result there is unanimous agreement among psychologists, that the colors people choose reflect to a large degree their temperament and personalities. This color preference when clearly understood can tell a lot about those you are closest to, or want to get to know better.

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Below is a list of colors and their associated temperaments. This could be helpful in determining compatibility of people and in making right decisions regarding ongoing relationships. It could also be a strong indicator of how your dates will go and whether the person chosen will be right for you or not.

Shades of Color
If your date seem to have an affinity for the color blue, you are on safe territory and should have some enjoyable times together because blue is among the top favorite colors. It shows the person to be on the conservative side but trustworthy. Blue lovers tend to be depressed easily and needs consoling hence the term “feeling blue.” However, they are dependable, loyal and stable, not one to ruffle the waters, also productive yet comfortable to be with.

Now, let’s say your date simply loves color pink and wears everything in pink where ever you go. To top it off, on the occasional visit you make to her place, you find pink everywhere. This shows she is fun loving, soft and needing protection. Different shades of pink tells a different story. Light pink represents your soft babyish creature, while darker shades or hot pink shows more sophistication and experience.

Red is the color to be strongly aware of. It speaks of someone who knows what they want and will not wait around to get it. This person is vivacious, passionate, powerful and energetic. A no-nonsense person who is too busy to waste time with trivialities. If you are ready for excitement and fun without frills and to take some risks, this is your date.

What someones favorite color really meansWhite is setting you up. If she comes out dressed in white all the time beware, she is in a hurry to tie the knot and you are marked as “it.” Underneath it all she is making a statement of purity and wholesomeness, wanting to do things right. This person is simple at heart and a typical “old fashioned girl.” She is a prize for the right person.

Gold screams money means a lot to her. High energy marks this person also happiness and exuberance. Although serious and business-like at times, this date knows how to laugh and have fun. Be prepared to spend with this date. Your wallet will have to be well-lined for an evening out with this siren, as her tastes are very exquisite and expensive.

Black is often worn to impress. If the color of choice on simple outings, then you are in the presence of a very classy person, passionate and mature. Although elegant externally, this person may be carrying intense anger which can lead to unnatural, dramatic outbursts. The color black often shrouds dark feelings of melancholy.

If dressed in purple, your date does not mind being considered mysterious and one who has a mind of her own. Purple speaks of royalty and people having this as their favorite color likes the idea of being different. They demand attention, carrying an air of superiority including nose held high in the air. This apparent sophistication may be intimidating to others including her date.

Wearing brown speaks well of this person. She is sensitive and caring, well rounded and reliable. Here is someone who will be a good friend in fair or foul weather. A lover of nature she likes the good out-doors and will be at home hiking the hills or paddling a canoe. She has no airs and can be trusted to be honest and truthful. This is one you can curl up with at a fireplace and will not have to worry about mussing up her hair or smudging her make-up.

When green is preferred over other colors, the message is one of hope and generosity. They tend to be successful in endeavors and is considered fortunate. Although a good listener who loves nature and desires to please, lovers of the color green are unaware of their own accomplishments and tend to be jealous and envious of others. Definitely a “people person” and gets on well with everyone in most situations.

The color silver denotes a dreamer. Although a lover of some luxuries in life, silver color lovers tend to be frugal and laid-back. Level – headed they prefer to look for the real gold in the simplicities of life. Pure in thought, yet impetuous at times and not afraid to explore life, she may surprise you with amorous overtures you were not prepared for or expecting to see in her.

Grey is the opposite of what you would think. Someone whose favorite color is gray is not as boring as the color appears to make them, but dignified and sophisticated, especially if they add touches of other shades such as red, yellow, blue or black. The gray in them denotes maturity, practicality and a need for security. They veer towards the classical over contemporary and sees frugality as a virtue to be cultivated.

The yellow butterfly will be a charm sitting across from you in an elegant dining room. Reflecting light whether lamplight or sunlight this intelligent, vivacious creature will dazzle and mesmerize at the same time. Like the butterfly however she can be flighty and not to be taken serious. Yellow lovers tend to be deceitful and dishonest in dealings. They often get away with it because of their disarming and lovable spirit.

On a serious note, it is folly to become overly conscious or preoccupied with the color your date wears. She may just be experimenting with colors or seeking to impress you, which is the biggest compliment anyone could ever give. Choose instead, to get to know the person behind the color and determine in advance to have a wonderful time on your date together.

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