Why He Didn’t Call After Your Date

When it comes to dating matters, it is very difficult to understand the male specimen: they seem to do all the wrong things at the worst times; they wear the wrong attire to fancy occasions and events; they sometimes bore you with office tales and sports talk; and sometimes, they’re just plain weird. And on top of that, there are instances when a man does everything in his power to win a woman over and ask her on a date, and once he does, he never calls her back.

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Have you ever been in the situation where a man tries to win your heart and then doesn’t seem interested enough to call you back? Does it leave you wondering: “What did I do wrong?” While the majority of women in these scenarios automatically think that the guy didn’t call back because of their looks, it is seldom the case. There are other reasons why a guy decided not to call back; keep reading this article because it will reveal the top 7 reasons why some guys never bother to call you back.

1. You tend to talk too much and don’t listen enough:
Women are notorious for being extremely talkative. We talk about everything: our emotions, our relationship status, our problems, our personal history and even irrelevant details such as our favorite brand of toilet paper. While a four hour chatting sessions with your best friend seems normal to you, from a guy’s prospective it is quite the opposite. Men are notorious for having an inability to communicate their feelings; in fact, most of their conversations are limited to super short sentences and the occasional grunt. Sometimes when on a date, a lot of women bombard the guy with long, boring stories, and then they never let him talk throughout the whole date. If you want a guy to call you back, you have to let him talk while on a date instead of making it all about you. Guys get super excited when they find a girl that lets them talk about themselves for a change.

2. You think the date is a therapy session:
One of the worst things you can do on a first or second date is to turn a casual encounter into a therapy session. A lot of women are guilty of talking about inappropriate subjects such as: past marriages, ex lovers, problems, baggage and so forth. It really isn’t a good idea to talk about your failed romances or ex boyfriends while on a date. Also, a major turn-off for a guy is a negative and miserable woman. Instead of talking about what a conniving witch your boss is or what a jerk your ex boyfriend is, try to keep the conversations light and fun. Just remember one thing: if the topic causes your blood pressure to rise and causes you to vent your innermost thoughts, it is better to leave it out of the date.

Why He Didn't Call After Your Date3. You decide to talk about the heavy stuff:
It is a proven fact: women are thinkers; therefore, they tend to converse about intellectual matters. However, men are not as intellectually engrossed when it comes to conversations and prefer lighter topics such as: food, sports, movies, TVs, electronics, puppies and so forth. As a result, talking about heavy and inappropriate topics such as politics, religious matters, your views on marriage and world events on a first or second date isn’t a good idea. It’s not that you have to resort to stupid, unintelligent conversations when you’re on a date, but you should steer clear of conversations that are controversial like political views or religious views.

4. You talk about your baggage too soon:
All women, despite how perfect looking, have some type of emotional baggage. Perhaps it’s strict working habits, weird behaviors or insecurities; whatever it is, we all have a defect. However, you shouldn’t let a guy think you’re a crazy nut on the first date. Remember: never tell a guy your emotional issues until the seventh date.

5. You question his motives:
A lot of women have been hurt before; therefore, they think that it’s appropriate to act like a prosecution attorney and question the prospective boyfriend while on a date. However, you should never bombard a guy with inappropriate questions on a first date such as: Did you have a girlfriend before? Do you believe in marriage? Were you married or in a long term relationship before? Where do you see your life going in, say, two years? What are your views on children? Even if the answers to the questions are very important to you, you still shouldn’t make the guy feel like he is a prime suspect in a murder. Instead of asking him point blank questions, try to gently incorporate them to your conversations.

6. You talk about the future:
Dating is meant to be fun way to get to know another person. However, most women rush the dating process and start to talk way too enthusiastically about their future as a couple. Talking about your dream wedding is a major deal breaker for a guy because, for him, a date is just a way to meet a new girl, not plan his future wedding.

7. You act way too clingy:
One of the worst things that you can do is appear clingy and needy. An example of this behavior would be sending him a text every five minutes to tell him how much you miss him. Guys tend to prefer the chase, and when you act like superglue and want to be by his side 24/7, you risk frightening him away. The best thing to do is act hard to get but not cold. Instead of responding to a text message in 0.0 seconds, try to answer it in 20 minutes or so. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

When a guy doesn’t call you back, you might be committing one of the 7 dating mistakes.

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